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Electrical Apprenticeship

Electrical Pre-Employment Program & Apprenticeship

Completing the Electrical Pre-Employment Certificate program at Red River College provides students with a strong technical background in the electrical trade. The Pre-Employment program is an ideal route to take if considering the Apprenticeship path.

The Electrical Apprenticeship takes four years to complete and consists of 1800 hours of on-the-job and technical training. The technical Apprenticeship training includes 10 weeks of training during each of the four years. (

By completing the Pre-Employment Electrical program at Red River College, 900 hours of the required technical training is already complete and can be applied to your Apprenticeship training, once you are a registered apprentice. You are also not required to complete your level one training (the first 10 weeks of Apprenticeship technical training required). Students must maintain an average of 70% or higher to qualify and must register as an apprentice within two years of graduating.

As the most challenging part of becoming an apprentice is finding an employer that is willing to hire you and commit to the apprenticeship process, having already completed your first level of technical training demonstrates commitment and initiative to potential employers. You will already possess a great deal of technical and practical knowledge and this skill set will contribute to your job search success.

For further information about the Apprenticeship program, please contact:

Apprenticeship Branch
Manitoba Competitiveness, Training and Trade
1010-401 York Avenue
Winnipeg, MB  R3C 0P8
1-800-282-8069  ext 3337
Fax: 204-948-2346