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Going Places

Why use

Red River College faculty and staff should use because the portal:

  • provides users the content they need based on their roles, so they don’t have to sift through other information to find out what’s relevant to them. That means staff, students, and faculty receive only the announcements, news, and information that’s been targeted to them (and not items aimed at people in other constituencies). It’s another reason for RRC staff to make the portal their “go” to spot for college information.
  • is your one-stop destination for college information. You’ll be able to check your e-mail, access your personal calendar (and a college-wide events calendar), read RRC news stories, check College announcements, pick up the daily all-staff news, and connect with others (staff and students) through shared sites. The portal is single sign-on, so it’s the only place you need to “go” online for access to Red River College news, info, and more. 
  • provides each user with his or her own personal site. “My Site” is your dedicated centre to manage and store your College documents, content, links, and contacts. It’s also a customizable point of contact for other people in the College to reach or learn more about you. RRC staff can use “My Site” to keep track of events, colleagues, and documents.
  • can be accessed at any time on the web, so your documents are accessible wherever you are.

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