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Acronym List

Acronyms and Glossary 

ACC - Assiniboine Community College
ACCT - Alliance for the Commercialization of Canadian Technology
ARC or AR&C - Applied Research & Commercialization
AUTM - Association of University Technology Managers
BCC - Biomedical Commercialization Canada
CANARIE - Canadian Advanced Network for Applied Research in Industry and Education
CARSI - Centre for Applied Research in Sustainable Infrastructure
CATA - Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance
CDN - Canadian
CFI - Canada Foundation for Innovation
CIDA - Canadian International Development Agency
CIHR - Canadian Institutes of Health Research
CIPO - Canadian Intellectual Property Office
COS - Community of Science "hard-to-find information… to scientific research and other projects across all disciplines"
CRA - Canadian Revenue Agency
DFAIT - Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
EST - (Manitoba) Energy Science and Technology
Flintbox - "allows researchers to post their projects online and allowing the transfer or license of intellectual property"
FY - Fiscal Year
HCPAM - Health Care Products Association of Manitoba
HHICE - Hydrogen Hybrid Internal Combustion Engine
HQP - Highly Qualified Person
IBD - Institute for Bio-Diagnostics
ILO - Industry Liaison Office
Inteum C/S - "information management system for Intellectual Property Management and Technology Transfer Officers"
IP - Intellectual Property
IPM - Intellectual Property Management/Mobilization
IPO - Initial Public Offering
ISIS Canada - Intelligent Sensing for Innovative Structures Canada Research Network
LAMP - Leading Advanced Manufacturing Practices
LES - Licensing Executive Society
MIF - Manitoba Innovative Fund
NASC - North American Solar Challenge
NDA - Non-Disclosure Agreement
Nerac - "mission critical information… concerning science, technology and intellectual property"
NGO - Non-Government Organization
NRC-IRAP - National Research Council - Industrial Research Assistance Program
NSERC - Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
PRE-CARN - PRE - Competitive Advanced Research Network
RRC - Red River College
SME - Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (less than 500 people) or Society of Manufacturing Engineers or Subject Matter Expert
SR&ED or SRED - Scientific Research and Experimental Development (pronounced "shred")
SSARF - Small Scale Applied Research Fund
SSHRC - Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (pronounced "shirk")
SY - Staff Year
TALO - Technical Advisor/Liaison Officer
Tri-Council - CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC
TRLabs - Telecommunications Research Laboratory
TSX - Toronto Stock Exchange
TTO - Technology Transfer Office
UILO - University Industry Liaison Office
UM - University of Manitoba
USD - United States Dollar
UW - University of Winnipeg
VIK - Value in Kind
WD - Western (Economic) Diversification
WestLink - WestLink Innovation Network Ltd