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International Students

Education Agent

The team at the International Education Office at Red River College is engaged in student recruitment activities and partnerships around the world.

We do have Education Agent partnerships from around the world that we value greatly. Our standard practice is to entertain a Cooperation Agreement with an Education Agent only after they have successfully recruited, advised and registered a minimum of 5 students. If successful, we will honor a standard commission rate for those students and begin a dialogue about formalizing the partnership with an Education Agent Agreement.

We expect our Education Agent partners to deliver accurate and timely advice to prospective students and their families. In return, we support our Education Agents with the information and material needed to be successful.

If you are interested in becoming an Education Agent please be aware that in some countries we are not accepting more agents at the time. Please contact us to find out about your country situation, review the agent application processing checklist and find that first student!

New Agent Application Form, please send it to:

International Education
D210-2055 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3H 0J9
Tel: 1.204.632.2143
Fax: 1.204.632.5269