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President and CEO - Stephanie Forsyth

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President’s Message

Welcome to the Red River College of Applied Arts, Science, and Technology website – RRC is a fantastic place, and I hope you spend some time exploring our site, to find out for yourself what makes the College so great.
For as long as it has been around, Red River College has been committed to excellence. The College started as a series of small training centres in 1938, evolving into a place for World War II veterans to get training for peacetime occupation, before finally becoming the Manitoba Technical Institute, and later, Red River College. Today, RRC is the largest college of its kind in Manitoba.
One of the biggest things that sets Red River College apart from other post-secondary schools is our commitment to the student. Meeting your needs as you work towards a great job is our main focus. It is the motivation behind everything we do.
For instance, we keep classes small and personal, so each student can get the individual attention they need to excel in their schoolwork. We employ industry-trained instructors, so our students can be confident that they’re learning exactly what they’ll need to know when they get a job. But perhaps most importantly, we believe in Applied Learning. Meaning, we don’t just teach theory – we teach students how to apply the knowledge they learn, through hands-on practice in the classroom and through work-practicum terms in the workplace. 
Everything we undertake is done with strict expectations that our graduates will exceed market expectations as they begin their careers.

And, it seems to be working. More and more students are turning to colleges to meet their educational needs, and more employers are recognizing the quality education our graduates are coming away with. Our grads are fuel for the engine of economic development. But it doesn’t stop there. The number of employers using colleges to train and re-train people who are already in the workforce, is growing too.
The great thing is, our numbers are growing in part due to the fact that access to a post-secondary education at Red River College is increasing like never before. We are working hard on accessibility initiatives, including new programming, new infrastructure, and e-learning, in order to open RRC up to anyone who wants to get a diploma. Right now, nineteen of our programs are completely available through distance learning; parts of 53 other programs are also available, with more coming all the time.
For those who can access our campuses, whether it’s our two main campuses in Winnipeg or our smaller satellite locations throughout rural Manitoba, we want you to know that we’re ready to welcome you. Red River College is a friendly and inviting place, with a great range of services to meet the needs of every single student, regardless of culture, age, gender or ability.
But if that isn’t enough to convince you, then you might want to take a look at the statistics. They speak for themselves. According to our latest graduate survey, 93.4 percent of graduates were employed or furthering their education, 85 per cent reported that they were very satisfied or satisfied with the training they received at the College, and 85 per cent said they would recommend their program to others.
Enjoy your time on campus and I look forward to seeing you in the halls at RRC.

Stephanie Forsyth, President and CEO

Twitter: @rrcprez



Stephanie Forsyth is the President & CEO of Red River College. Prior to joining RRC in 2010, Ms. Forsyth worked in the B.C. college system for over 23 years, holding a variety of academic and senior level administrative positions, including serving as President of Northwest Community College for 10 years.

Ms. Forsyth has been highly involved in industry training, and social and economic community development. Much of her work has focused on First Nations communities, new Canadians, displaced workers and the unemployed.

She has been the recipient of the Governor General’s Literacy Award, the Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Anniversary Award for her work in community development, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, the Northern Women’s Leadership Award and the Northwest B.C. Executive of the Year Award.

Since arriving in Winnipeg, she has taken an active role in the community, serving with the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, the Premier’s Economic Advisory Council and the Manitoba Innovation Council. She is also a Director of the Association of Canadian Community Colleges, and a lead faculty member for the National Executive Leadership Institute for College Presidents.

Stephanie is a Killer Whale from the House of T’axaye, of the Tsimshian First Nation of Northwest British Columbia. She holds a Master of Higher Education, a Bachelor of Arts and is currently completing a doctorate at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. 


Role of the President

As Chief Executive Officer, the President reports directly to the Board of Governors and provides the institutional leadership for implementing the Board’s vision, mission and strategic direction for Red River College. The President works closely with RRC’s Vice-President, Finance and Administration, Vice-President, Student Services and Planning, Vice-President, Community Development, Vice-President, Academic and Research, and the Chief Advancement Officer. The President is an ex officio non-voting member of the Board and its standing committees.

The President is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the College and oversees all academic and administrative functions within the Board’s prescribed policies and standards.


President’s Council

President’s Council provides strategic leadership in implementing the vision and mission of the College. It serves as a vehicle for dialogue and consultation on college-wide matters including budget, strategic planning, facilities, policy, systems processes, community relations and fundraising. The Council makes recommendations to the Executive on issues that affect the entire college and are not governed by other bodies.

President’s Council members are representative of the divisions they serve and as such are charged with responsibility of ensuring that there is broad stakeholder feedback across all college departments, and the effective communication of Council decisions and actions.


Office of the President - Contact Information

All enquiries, invitations and correspondence to the President should be directed to:

Geneviève Clément
Executive Assistant to the President
Red River College
C719 - 2055 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba   R3H OJ9

Tel: (204) 632-2287
Fax: (204) 694-7253